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The patented mnemosline® 2020 device works by stimulating synaptic plasticity of the brain on the eye-brain line. It introduces the brain into the alpha waves (8-13Hz) by using the pulsating ILS light -light - Intermittent light stimulation. The microcomputer generates LED pulses (wave 650 nm, radiation beam 7 μW, CE 0051 medical device Ia), which stimulate the reconstruction of the network of neurons and their synaptic connections. It uses an important aspect of visual stimulation in the work of the brain, which is crucial in the synthesis of BDNF protein. This protein is necessary for the growth and differentiation of neurons and synapses.


The use is very simple and the software allows immediate use after purchase and is suitable for 99% of the population.


                  Simple mnemosline®2020 therapy: 

                           Visual stimulation of the brain to the alpha waves with pulsed SLI light!


                      Rehabilitation of synaptic brain plasticity!


                      Synchronization of the neuronal mass of the brain!

                        Visual stimulation of the BDNF * protein formation process!


With mnemosline®2020 you are entering a CONSCIOUS state of balance!

* BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) protein that supports the process of creating new neuronal connections in the brain and promotes the formation and differentiation of new neurons and synapses. It lets you enjoy optimal brain health.

The effects of using mnemosline®2020:

Treatment 2-3 months - 10 minutes a day.


We achieve the first healing effect after 2-3 months of daily treatment, at least once a day for 10 minutes. Already in such a short time using mnemosline®2020 you can get noticeable changes in the form of relaxation and good sleep. Optimal well-being and naturally good mood are restored. 


We recommend it in the winter - it has anti-depressant properties, throughout the year as a regenerative break in work or regulation of the daily cycle - it affects jet-lag relaxation! 10 minutes sessions counteract memory loss, are a perfect complement to beauty treatments, as a support for all kinds of rehabilitation or for reducing the level of stress associated with life events, e.g. stress before surgery.


Treatment 3-6 months - 20 minutes a day

For a course of 3 - 6 months - 20 minutes a day, regular synchronization of the neural mass occurs, which leads to an improvement in memory and other cognitive functions.

 The level of our perception and attention increases, logical thinking, language use and understanding improve. Thanks to this, we can enjoy a greater ability to use knowledge and skills. 

Works on depression and amnesia.


We recommend it while learning foreign languages ​​and acquiring new knowledge, adapting to changes after traumatic experiences. 

This type of treatment supports the treatment of depression and amnesia.


Treatment over 12 months - 20-30 minutes a day.


Research by Professor Francesco Ferro Milone's team indicates that using long-term ILS light treatments permanently improves brain function and cognition. The retreat of memory functions is stopped and after a period of 12 months they show their gradual improvement. mnemosline® can effectively influence the prevention or improvement of memory in the case of neurodegenerative diseases. We recommend when creating new neural pathways, e.g. introducing new positive changes, habits in addiction therapies, psychotherapies, etc.

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