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How to use mnemosline® 2020 ?



Using mnemosline® 2020 is very easy. The glasses contain a microcomputer with software that allows immediate use after purchase and is suitable for 99% of the population.

* Start of session.


  • Find a comfortable sitting or lying position for the session. We always close our eyes! To start use, press the Start / Stop button. If you do not press the Start / Stop button within 8 seconds, the device will turn off automatically - saving battery. 

  • You can stop the session at any time by pressing the Start / Stop button again.


  •  Do not use mnemosline® 2020 device when it is connected to a charger or pluged in - the device has a safety that prevents you from using it when it is connected to the charger. The only thing mnemosline® 2020 requires from you is regular use. With daily systematic use, you will improve the comfort of your life.


Expect the best! 

* Epilepsy is the only contraindication to using the mnemosline® 2020 device.

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